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Beyond transport: discover Chabé’s complementary services

14 ديسمبر 2023
Beyond transport: discover Chabé’s complementary services

At Chabé, we are committed to exceeding your expectations when it comes to luxury transport. That’s why we offer a range of complementary services carefully designed to optimise, enhance or adapt our services to more specific needs, whether it’s a travel services, a business trip or an exceptional event. 

Our aim is to offer you a unique, unforgettable and bespoke experience.


VIP collection: airports and train stations

When you travel with Chabé, our attention to detail and commitment to your comfort go beyond the simple car journey. In international airports such as Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Nice, Geneva, London, as well as in all international airports where it can be set up, our VIP Welcome service stands out.

A worry-free departure 

As soon as you arrive at the airport, our agent will meet you as you get out of your car. If necessary, he or she will take care of the duty-free formalities, facilitate check-in and accompany you to the boarding gate or VIP lounge, using the priority security check-in lanes.

Smooth arrival

When you land, our welcome agent will be waiting for you as you exit the aircraft, displaying a personalised tablet for instant recognition. He or she will escort you through the checkpoints using priority access, collect your baggage, and take you to the car where your Chabé chauffeur is waiting.

Easy connections

If you have a connecting flight at the airport, our welcome agent will be there to guide you. He or she will accompany you to your next flight, using priority access to the checkpoints. If you feel like it, our agent can even act as your personal shopper, guiding you through the duty-free shops.

Train Stations – Bespoke service

At the station, our reception service is also tailored to your needs. Depending on the configuration of the station, our agent will be waiting in front of the train carriage or at the end of the platform, with a tablet personalised with your name. He or she will take care of your baggage, customs formalities if necessary, and will take you to the car where your Chabé chauffeur is waiting for you


This complementary offer allows you to travel with complete peace of mind, whatever your needs.

When you travel, the Group offers an additional service to enhance your cultural discovery of the area: a professional guide.


Tours with a tour guide

At Chabé, we believe that every trip is an opportunity to discover new cultures and explore fascinating places. That’s why we offer the possibility of enhancing your excursions with a professional tour guide, bilingual in French and English. Depending on your needs, this guide can also master other languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, etc. They will provide you with enriching anecdotes and facts about the history, art and cultural treasures of the places you visit.

Your excursions with Chabé become memorable cultural experiences.


In addition to enriching your travels, your safety is our top priority.


Personal protection for peace of mind

Your safety is our absolute priority. That’s why the armoured vehicles in our fleet meet the most stringent ballistic protection standards, while guaranteeing the comfort and elegance you expect from Chabé.

All our chauffeurs are trained in safe driving, protection and assault prevention, reinforcing our commitment to your safety.


To ensure your complete peace of mind, we not only look after your safety, we also offer a valet service for your events.


Valet parking service for your events

In addition to our event transport service, we can provide a valet parking service for your guests. Thanks to this service, your guests will be able to arrive and leave without worrying about parking, in absolute comfort, and at the scheduled time. We’ll take care of every detail to make your event a success, from start to finish.

At Chabé, we’re more than just a luxury transport service. We’re your partner for unique experiences, tailored to your specific needs. Make every trip and event an exceptional experience with Chabé’s complementary services.


Book your privately chauffeured trip now or contact us to find out more about our services. Our family business looks forward to serving you throughout your stay!