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The secret of our expertise: the Chauffeur Recruitment role

5 أبريل 2024
The secret of our expertise: the Chauffeur Recruitment role

Over several generations, the Group has developed unrivalled expertise in the private chauffeur-driven mobility sector.

An expert in bespoke mobility ,Chabé is Europe’s leading employer of chauffeurs. Carefully selected and trained to offer a first-rate service, the professionalism of our chauffeurs, their discretion and their in-depth knowledge of the itineraries involved are the result of a meticulous process.

Find out more about this essential profession, the secret of our expertise, in this interview. Anthony Dampa, Head of Driver Recruitment and Training, and Nihèle Khallouki, Driver Recruitment Officer, shed light on the essential job that ensures that our expertise is respected: the Driver Recruitment Officer.



As applicants’ first point of contact with Chabé, the Driver Recruitment Officer represents the values of the family business and plays an essential role.

The Recruitment Officer is responsible for identifying and selecting profiles with a view to training the professional chauffeurs of tomorrow. Establishing and maintaining relationships with various VTC training centres is also an important part of their job, in order to promote the Group to a number of candidates.

Autonomy and curiosity “, Anthony Dampa points out, are essential skills in this profession, fostering a proactive and perceptive approach.

Anthony also underlines the importance of professional training for new chauffeurs. As Europe’s largest employer of chauffeurs, the company must guarantee an impeccable quality of service for its customers. This requires comprehensive training, covering expertise, interpersonal skills and grooming. The ongoing training of its chauffeurs ensures that it can maintain a luxury level of service that meets the exacting demands of its clients.


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