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Chabé’s London acquires Limo +: Expanding horizons and elevating high-end service

14 فبراير 2024
Chabé’s London acquires Limo +: Expanding horizons and elevating high-end service

In January 2024, as part of a strategic move to consolidate its leading position in the luxury chauffeuring market, Chabé acquired Limo +.

Chabé has recently made a strategic move by acquiring Limo +, a prominent player in the luxury chauffeuring sector. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Chabé’s expansion efforts, particularly in catering to the top end of the market and diversifying its service offering. The acquisition is a natural fit for Chabé’s vision of delivering exceptional luxury transportation experiences.

Limo+ specialises in the top end of the market serving private individuals, private equity, and financial services firms.
Chabé London already has expertise in these markets but with this new acquisition, Chabé will be able to strengthen its leading position.

Chabé David BruceThe decision to acquire Limo + stems from Chabé’s commitment to enhancing its service portfolio and strengthening its position in key markets” explains David Bruce, Director of Chabé London. “By integrating Limo +’s expertise and resources into our operations, we aim to elevate the level of service we provide to our clients across various verticals we serve. This strategic move not only expands Chabé’s market reach but also reinforces its reputation as a trusted partner for luxury transportation services.”

As Chabé continues to grow and innovate, this acquisition underscores its commitment to excellence and dedication to providing exceptional service to its clients. With the integration of Limo + into its operations, Chabé looks forward to embarking on this new chapter of growth and success.