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From Paris to Seoul, a global presence for unique events in 2023

1 سبتمبر 2023
From Paris to Seoul, a global presence for unique events in 2023

2023 got off to a flying start for Chabé with a series of national and international events. Whether in Paris or Seoul, for 10 or 450 vehicles, the Chabé teams do their utmost each time to offer their customers the best transport experience.

Our team of professionals has already managed around fifty of the hundred or so events scheduled for this year. Of these, 60% were held in Paris. The other events took place in the cities where Chabé is established in France (Cannes, Courchevel, Geneva, Monaco and London), confirming our solid presence in these cities, as well as internationally.

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Indeed, we have extended our reach beyond France by participating in prestigious events around the world. We have been privileged to be present in such remarkable destinations as Austria, Seoul, India, Italy, the United States and Mexico.

The success of each event is based on the methodical work of a team of experts: scouting, selecting local partners, training drivers, managing schedules, dispatching in real time, customising services… all essential stages in the success of transport operations. Not to mention the team spirit and commitment required of each individual to deal with unforeseen events.

More and more clients are trusting us to manage their transport needs for their events, wherever they need it, a testament to our expertise in this area.


We’ve already transported thousands of passengers, and we’ll be continuing with prestigious events in sectors as varied as sport, luxury and air defence.

Our next destinations? Italy, Greece, Scotland, …


The Chabé teams, which are constantly expanding, are ready to take on new challenges!

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