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Chabé: 100 years of expertise and innovation

16 أبريل 2024
Chabé: 100 years of expertise and innovation

Let’s go back in time to 1921

A visionary with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Maurice Chabé returned from the Great War and decided to serve the clientele of the Parisian luxury hotels during the Roaring Twenties. He bought his first car and started driving it himself in 1921. Little by little, the “Établissements Maurice Chabé” grew…

From an early age, Eliane Lo Jacomo was involved in the management of the company and took over the reins in 1959, on the death of her father, Maurice Chabé. In 1989, it was the turn of Agnès Lo Jacomo, granddaughter of the founder, to run the family business. Her initial ambitions were to diversify the customer base and develop event transport. She succeeded, managing the 1998 Football World Cup in France with over 500 vehicles, marking the start of large-scale events.

Finally, in 2014, the fourth generation marked the history of Chabé with the arrival of Guillaume Connan as Managing Director of Chabé. In 2020, he became President of the Group, bringing innovation and modernity alongside his mother.


More than 100 years after its creation, Chabé continues to be run by the founder’s family with the same ambition: to support its clients in all their mobility needs, all over the world.

At Chabé, the excellence of our teams remains the cornerstone of our expertise, past and present. The digital solutions we develop are designed to enhance our capabilities, not replace them. Our commitment to the French art of service, which we are proud to promote, remains unwavering.



Controlling movements: flawless coordination

At Chabé, our expertise comes into its own when it comes to the many different types of travel involved. Whether it’s for international summits, sporting competitions or media events, our coordination expertise is second to none.

We form dedicated teams, prepared for each event. Transporting hundreds of guests with ease and fluidity is our greatest source of pride. Every detail is taken into account to provide an impeccable travel experience.



Chauffeurs Chabé, in the shadow of light

The expertise of Chabé’s chauffeurs is intrinsically linked to their people skills. As dedicated chauffeurs, they strive to ensure an exceptional experience on every journey.

As experienced chauffeurs with a mastery of luxury, our chauffeurs are highly adaptable towards our clients. They are multilingual, mastering French and English, and often a third language. Some have acquired specific expertise, whether as guides or roadshow specialists.

All our chauffeurs are trained in eco-driving and safe and protective driving techniques. This training includes specific driving methods and encourages the development of appropriate reflexes to ensure passenger safety and comfort.


But this dedication to excellence also extends to our fleet.




A prestigious fleet

Chabé has a fleet of nearly 350 luxury vehicles, making it one of the largest in Europe. Our vehicles are carefully selected from the latest models from the major car manufacturers and are regularly renewed every two years.

Whatever your needs, whether you’re looking for internal combustion, hybrid or electric saloons, SUVs, vans, prestige vehicles, minibuses or even armoured vehicles, we have the model to suit your expectations and requirements.

Because we care about the environment, we are committed to gradually renewing our fleet with a view to limiting its ecological impact. Our aim is to offer a majority of electric vehicles within the next two years, in order to make an active contribution to preserving our planet while offering our clients luxury and responsible transport solutions.




Digital solutions for excellent bespoke service

At Chabé, we see technology as an essential lever for providing a superior service to our clients. Our digital solutions, whether adopted or developed in-house, enable us to continually personalise our services, whatever the location or circumstances, whether for an individual journey or for the management of entire fleets.

Our hotel concierge application, for example, is a perfect example of this commitment to a seamless, simplified experience for our clients. This intelligent use of technology helps to optimise every stage of the process, from booking to arrival at the destination.



Wherever you are in the world, if you are looking for an excellent chauffeur service, contact Chabé.