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Chabé: Luxury mobility services for your events

12 فبراير 2024
Chabé: Luxury mobility services for your events

Every event, large or small, has its own unique essence and specific challenges.

For Chabé, each trip is much more than a simple journey from point A to point B. It’s an opportunity to create a bespoke mobility service that blends perfectly with the very image of your event.

In this article, discover the Chabé event service, where personalization and discretion converge to make your event unique.


Chabé expertise for extraordinary events

Since 1921, Chabé has built up recognized expertise in the management of these multiple and complex events, both in France and abroad. The strategic location of our various offices and our network of international partners enable us to support you throughout your event, wherever it takes place.

Our expertise has been showcased at highlights such as the Paris Air Show, for which we have been an Official Partner since 2015, Fashion Weeks, as well as Luxury House events around the world, from Marrakech to Miami, and Venice.


From international summits to official meetings, sporting competitions to prestigious trade shows, each event generates hundreds of journeys with professional chauffeurs.


Preparing an event

For many years, Chabé has been making its expertise in event transportation available to prestigious events. Whatever the scale or logistical difficulty, Chabé does its utmost to rise to the challenge.

Chabé Mélanie QuillierChabé’s event management teams redouble their efforts to ensure the transportation of clients. The upstream work requires several months of preparation, proof of a high level of efficiency.

Mélanie Quillier, Events Director at Chabé explains: “Organizing an event often requires several months of preparation.

It starts with studying the specifications, and understanding the expectations and challenges of each event, in order to advise the client and propose an organization.

For international events, a project team consisting of a project manager, experienced planners, dispatchers and coordinators, relocates its expertise to manage the transport of events that are often out of the ordinary, involving up to 300 chauffeurs.

We then organize and participate in numerous meetings, such as site scouting, kick-off meetings with the client and the various participants, training and briefings for our teams… Planning the project, defining human and material requirements, selecting suitable profiles, monitoring the budget(s)…

The expertise we’ve built up over the years means that Chabé is the expert for your travel needs on the day(s) of your event.


Professional chauffeurs for your events

At the heart of our event transportation service are Chabé’s private chauffeurs, true artisans of luxury.

Their secret? Training from the moment they join the Group.
Over a two-week period, they all take part in a training program that includes English and history classes, as well as a module focusing on emotional development. They also receive awareness training on good behavior and take two driving tests in the company of clients.

And then there’s the event-specific training. The chauffeurs are given detailed instructions beforehand concerning the appointment, the dress code, where to park and drop off passengers, how to introduce themselves, etc. “Their mission is to guarantee an exceptional client experience. This includes punctuality, communication of the expected journey time, and attention to passenger comfort…” explains Anthony Dampa, Head of Chauffeur Recruitment and Training at Chabé.


Punctuality, a point of honor

At Chabé, we understand the importance of punctuality at every stage of an event. Our teams are fully committed to ensuring that the program is adhered to to the second.

This precision is also essential for financial roadshows. With a dozen or more appointments a day. Thanks to the unrivalled experience of our chauffeurs and the tools at their disposal, we provide unrivalled service for these professional marathons.

At these events, our expertise encompasses a multitude of services. To meet the needs of all our clients, Chabé offers, in addition to its event transportation service, a travel service to and from stations and airports for the arrival and departure of guests, employees, VIPs, etc.