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Chabé takes up the ecological Great Challenge

1 سبتمبر 2023
Chabé takes up the ecological Great Challenge

In the last few years, Chabé has gradually developed its environmental commitment through a number of concrete actions. With a more eco-responsible fleet, plant-based bottles, a partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation and its contribution to carbon neutrality, the Group is evolving to become a major player in the fight against climate change in its field.

In 2022, Chabé joins the Great Challenge to rethink its role and responsibility in the face of this ecological challenge.



The creation

The ecological Great Challenge stems from an environmental observation: global warming. The question surrounding this issue is how to stem the tide.

These days, businesses play an important role in the ecological transition. As key players in the fight against climate change and the decline in biodiversity, it is vital for companies to join forces. This is the purpose of the Great Challenge:

Mobilising businesses and their ecosystems to create a new
model of economic prosperity, humanist and regenerative

Networks of companies, trade unions, associations and institutions, scientists, managers, students and citizens: the Great Challenge brings together a wide range of partners to strengthen its legitimacy and promote its deployment. Thanks to the financial support received from the sponsors, the ecological Great Challenge has gone from being a project to Great Consultation.


An environmental survey

Through an inclusive and participatory process, Virginie Raisson-Victor and Jérôme Cohen, founders of the Great Challenge, want to bring companies together in the form of a “citizens’ convention”. The ultimate aim of the Great Challenge is to generate 100 proposals in favour of the environment.

Therefore, before any initiative, it is essential to carry out a survey of stakeholders in order to identify environmental obstacles and opportunities. This survey is officially known as the “Great Consultation”.

After several weeks of data processing by Bluenove, the Great Consultation will gather over 65,000 responses. Thanks to all this feedback, the project will move on to a new stage: the Great Deliberation.



Random drawing

After analysing the results, a draw was held to select several companies. At the end of the Great Challenge, these companies will be asked to put forward 100 proposals for overcoming environmental obstacles.

Thanks to this selection process, the companies chosen represent the diversity of the French economic fabric in the best possible way, based on four key criteria: number of employees, business sector, geographical location and company status.

From a base of 120,000 INSEE companies, 18,000 were selected to take part in this ecological challenge. In the end, only 100 companies were selected, and then had to nominate a manager, shareholder or employee to become a Delegate.

In May 2022, Chabé received the news of its participation and chose Flora Chaise, CSR Manager within the Group, to represent the family business as Delegate.


The start of reflection

Following the draw, 6 sessions of 2 days each follow. Each plenary meeting is accompanied by experts of climate, biodiversity and the economy, to give the Delegates the best possible training and advice.

Each meeting, held in a different city, deals with a predefined theme:

  • Session 1 Nantes – 10 and 11 June: Diagnosis and issues
  • Session 2 Lille – 8 and 9 July: Role, responsibility and impact of companies
  • Session 3 Grenoble – 16 and 17 September: Objectivation of transformation trajectories
  • Session 4 Caen – 14 and 15 October: Emerging proposals
  • Session 5 Montpellier – 18 and 19 November: Formulating proposals
  • Session 6 Paris – 15 and 16 December: Adoption of the proposals with the Great Challenge Partners and launch of the Great Diffusion.


A total of 50 conferences and 150 workshops were held over a period of 7 months to generate effective ideas. Following the Great Deliberation, 100 of these ideas were selected to move on to the next stage: the Great Diffusion, during which they will be communicated and shared.



The 100 proposals are divided into 11 topics: Governance, Commitment, Financing, Production Tools, Production, Logistics, Packaging, Distribution, Communication, Accounting and Remuneration.

In the form of an action manual, this booklet of 100 proposals is being distributed to business networks, Great Challenge partners, political players (President, government, elected representatives) and academic institutions.

Communicated to all, the objective remains the same since the Great Consultation: to accelerate our ecological transition and become a committed player in environmental issues.



Chabé actively supports the Great Challenge initiatives. The Group has already taken concrete action on some of the proposals, such as establishing a purpose associated with environmental objectives. In addition, the family business has implemented a packaging recycling system, the latest ecological innovation being the use of plant-based bottles.

The other proposals, which are feasible in our sector of activity, represent a real challenge for Chabé. Developing employee training and setting ambitious environmental targets – these new challenges will enable the family business to make a significant contribution to preserving the environment in the years to come.