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Aurélien Neger at Chabé, between passion and versatility

2 يناير 2024
Aurélien Neger at Chabé, between passion and versatility

Aurélien Neger, a Bordeaux-based employee of Chabé since 2012, embodies the spirit of boldness and versatility at Chabé. With a bachelor’s degree in literature in his pocket, followed by a degree in geography and a master’s in town planning, punctuated by a trip across Europe and Africa, Aurélien followed a singular path before finding his way at Chabé.


By chance, Aurélien discovered the world of luxury transport and became a private chauffeur. His passion for the history of Bordeaux wine and his command of English were invaluable assets in presenting the countryside to his passengers. After a short spell with another transport company, his path crossed that of Chabé in 2012.

For more than 7 years, he alternated between his role as a chauffeur with Chabé, and positions in prestigious establishments such as Palaces and 4-star hotels, from Courchevel to Bordeaux, via Val Morel. This multitude of professional hats reveals his ability to embrace a diversity of professions and allows him to develop his client relationships.

In May 2023, Grégoire Vaillant, Director of Chabé Bordeaux, offered Aurélien an unprecedented opportunity: to stay in the transport business and help him develop the agency. Aurélien accepted, seeing it as a chance to prove his expertise.

His current responsibilities at Chabé extend far beyond driving. From managing orders to responding to invitations to tender, from operations to dispatch, including vehicle maintenance and invoicing, Aurélien is developing real expertise and becoming a key part of the Bordeaux office.


Aurélien explains: “For me, the Group embodies the very essence of excellence, while preserving a family heritage that goes back more than a century.

For me, working at Chabé Bordeaux is much more than a profession. Every day, I cultivate my passion for luxury vehicles, feeling valued while strengthening the customer relationship, which is very important to me.

Being multi-skilled gives me a unique opportunity to discover the inner workings of a company. Contributing to the agency’s development is a major challenge, and I see it as a daily challenge. “


A family business since 1921, Chabé gives everyone the chance to express their talents.

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